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This time last year I took a leaf out of Santa’s book and made a list. It wasn’t a list of big audacious goals or hopes and dreams for the future, it was a list of all the little things. Small simple pleasures which I keep meaning to do but never quite get round to; dinner in a particular restaurant, tickets to a sporting event, swimming at a local beach. I stuck it up on the wall with every good intention of ticking off most of it, and guess what, tick it off I did!

On the occasional blissfully agenda-less weekend I’d glance over my list and go and do something. I’ve had the pleasure of the wonderful West Somerset Railway, seen a cricket match at Somerset cricket ground, spent a fabulous Christmas evening at Dunster by Candlelight, delighted in Marwood Hill gardens and walked some sections of the South West Coast Path amongst many other things.

Curiously, the more I ticked off the more I added, filled with confidence that things on the list will happen I’ve created the magic porridge pot of the list world!

We’re often encouraged to focus on big goals and dreams and forget the small stuff, I beg to differ!

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It’s that ‘back to school’ time of year. Facebook is littered with images of fresh faced children with slightly too big uniforms and brand new school bags and for many people in organisations there’s a sense of a new chapter, post summer holidays.

With only 16 (yes 16!) ‘proper’ working weeks of the year left it’s a great time to take 10 minutes to check in on how you and your team are progressing towards your ambitions and goals for this year. Setting visions and aspirations in January can often seem a bit idealistic, anything can happen in 12 months, but 16 weeks focuses the mind somewhat.

So here’s our suggestion, sit down with your team and ask yourselves the following;


How are we doing against our goals?

What adjustments do we need to make and what do we need to change?


What do we do more efficiently than we did in January?

What inefficiencies have crept in?


Do we have more trust and respect amongst the team than we did 6 months ago?

What culture do we want to have by the end of the year?


How have we grown the talent in the team so far this year?

What gaps in our expertise do we need to focus on closing by the end of the year?

You may not have all the answers but we can guarantee a fruitful conversation. Let us know how you get on!

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