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So I’ve just joined a new team – nothing to do with work – it’s a netball team.  I haven’t played in 25 years but I fancied a new challenge.

It’s very strange being the new girl!

I thought I knew the rules but perhaps unsurprisingly after 25 years a few had slipped my mind which may explain the penalties given away!  I have since googled the rulebook!

Next was my assumption that as a fairly athletic person I’d handle this no problem.  However, watching the other players who’ve been playing for years you see that so much of the game is instinct and an in depth understanding of your team mates – where they are going to be, where they expect you to be.  I was floundering.

So having had my mindset altered somewhat – I’m now loving the training.  Learning new skills is fun, getting to know the team is better.  Not getting told off by the Ref for a whole game is the aim!!

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