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This weekend, in their 50th Anniversary year, the Rolling Stones triumphantly headlined Glastonbury for the first time since the event started 43 years ago. The Stones are not short of greatest hits and chose to open a 2 hour long set with Jumping Jack Flash. The band wore suitably flamboyant outfits, easily matched by their energy and obvious enjoyment in the occasion. When asked what had made the performance so enjoyable, one member of the audience replied that it was Mick Jagger’s swagger!

We all perform to a greater or lesser extent at work or in other roles, from chairing meetings to leading teams, but don’t always think of ourselves as the headline act. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and to take our experience, expertise and talent for granted – or even to take our audience/customers for granted. No one can maintain the energy and focus needed to be in the spotlight on a permanent basis, but if we want to make a difference and perform to the best of our ability, it can be useful to take stock, imagine you are the star of the show and answer a few simple questions:

  • Who are your audience and what do they expect / need from you?
  • What are your greatest hits and have you practised them recently?
  • What  do you want people to remember about your performance?
  • What do you need to do to maintain an appropriate level of energy over repeat performances?

And if you’re Mick Jagger you might have one final question. Does this occasion call for my green spangled jacket?

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