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Diversity and inclusivity are topics that many teams or organisations find challenging. Despite a lot of effort and goodwill creating a team performance that allows everyone to be themselves and add their piece, the overall performance is elusive and hard to achieve. The end result is sometimes frustratingly a sum less than the parts.

Last night I witnessed a remarkable performance which was better because of the diverse range of participants - ability, background, age, plus any of the other usual criteria that are typically used - who were truly and inherently part of the performance. Not simply tagged on or given a small part, but given the freedom to express themselves vs meet expected norms.

By the way, it was Peter Pan at Chicken Shed's theatre in Southgate. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be quite so brilliant and moving. It was stunning.

The work that Chicken Shed do is stunning and I'm so happy that I'm going to be working with them over the next few months. Their ethos of welcoming anyone to develop and participate really shows in their work and really challenges perceptions of what is possible.

A tiny example is how Peter Pan's shadow was the one who did the sign language through the show, and hence was an integral part of the show vs a clumsy add on. Absolute genius!

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