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Bringing very distinct and different companies together to try and agree one set of vision and goals has never been easy. Of course each business has it’s own:

-          Identity

-          Culture

-          Existing goals

And so to try and get something that trumps or builds synergies with all of those is really difficult.

I had the experience last week – I’m thankful to say – of helping a group of 4 different business ‘get it right’. The businesses were all #1 or #2 in their fields, from Turkey, US,  Contintental Europe and UK, and so all had very strong track records and forward plans. So what was the tirck? Simple really – just 3 steps:

1) Build trust amongst the group : understanding of styles, preferences, beliefs and values

2) Find the common ‘Why’: what really is the core purpose of each business, and what therefore is the common thread

3) Agree ‘What’: agree areas of synergy, leverage and quick wins

Sounds very straightforward and it workked because of the time invested in building relationships and developing trust. That allowed a very honest and forthright debate to take place where people really sought to listen and understand, and without that investment in relationships ot would never have happenned.

Many people are cycnical about spending 1 whole day (the first day) out of a 2 day session on relationships, but it does pay out. Otherwise you are trying to build a house on sandy foundations.

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