Two days of intense, demanding team-building that paid dividends
for the bankers and the two social enterprises they helped.

This 2 day experience was the best learning I have ever had. It is something we should experience every year and everyone should do something like this regardless of whether they are on a leadership development programme.

Programme attendee, Lloyds Banking Group

The challenge

Lloyds Banking Group came to us in 2010 facing myriad challenges. In the aftermath of the post-banking crash, it was dealing with the hard choices facing every financial institution at that point: issues like compliance changes, brand management, and how to make its business leaner. It was facing tough questions for any business: how do you completely overhaul the way you work internally while still running a great business for your customers?

Lloyds Banking Group wanted to help their senior leaders understand how to deliver 'at pace' so they could transform behaviour in the workplace. It also wanted to create a learning experience which would complement their leadership development agenda, and use their skills for some social good by doing something 'real'.

We find it helps people understand what can happen to performance when they are genuinely passionate about what they do. When people can see a direct correlation between their input and the outcome.

So we partnered Lloyds high-performing team with two social enterprises - The Comedy School in London and Sandwell Womens' Aid in Birmingham. Both organisations had serious commercial challenges and were in need of strategic advice and hands-on support to help them move forward.

Our approach

In practice

The experience lasted two days with the Lloyds team split into two sub-teams working in London and Birmingham.

The Comedy School needed a 3-month financial plan to help them save their business, and they needed it quickly. Meanwhile Sandwell had some very big decisions to make about the direction of the business, and wanted strategic input.

It was an intense experience for both sub-teams. The Lloyds team working out of Sandwell's office were exposed to the everyday reality of an organisation devoted to helping women deal with physical and sexual abuse.

Both teams learned a hands-on lesson: that sometimes you have to perform without all the facts. Business often works on the 80/20 rule, and pragmatism can trump perfection. Lloyds' high-fliers learned that sometimes three steps out of ten in the right direction is enough.

There was almost no theory, this was all practice. Two businesses whose survival was at stake. They learned about their own culture too. These were high-performing individuals who excelled at smart, strategic thinking, but could learn a lot about how they handled customers. Each of the team learned a lot about how they worked at pace and fed this back into their own development programmes.

We used pre-project one-on-one coaching to shape the programme for each individual. We asked them what kind of feedback they would find useful from us. What did they want to be known for in the business? Then we followed up post-project with that tailored feedback.

The team gained a clear view of what delivering at pace looks like and each team member has a deeper understanding of their own personal strengths and weakness in this area. The team now uses their real-life experience to engage their people in the actual behaviours associated with delivering at pace rather than just the aspirational language. And brilliantly, both organisations they helped are thriving!

The results

We're big believers in bringing together corporate organisations like Lloyds with social enterprise. We find it can be hugely effective in giving clients a fresh perspective by experiencing the values and work ethic of another highly motivated, engaged team. Ultimately, it really can be transformational for both parties.
It certainly was here.

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