Ignite your business.

At Tinder-Box, we help people be brilliant. It sounds simple when you put it like that, doesn't it?*

Here's the slightly more in-depth version. We fire up your people (and your business) so they can perform at their very best. We use a combination of coaching and consultancy to help you create a spark that ignites meaningful, lasting change in your organisation.

We work alongside you, exploring the issues at the heart of your business, helping you to create the solutions, and then giving you the tools to put the new approach into practice. There are no gurus and no buzzwords. Just tangible, powerful results you can see every day.

*It isn't. We just work really hard to make it look that straightforward.

I've worked closely with Jason at Tinder-Box over the past two years. Jason is fun and easy to work with and I can rely on his sound judgement. He gets what we are doing and he delivers on time every time.
Global Programme Manager, BP

Here's what we do

Our clients' needs shape each and every piece of work we do, so no two programmes
are ever the same - but this is how we break down what we do:

One-to-one coaching

We can work with senior leaders on an individual basis. If we're working with you, we'll help you understand your leadership approach and how you can become as effective as possible. We'll look at the essence of who you are, help define what you're good at and how you can use this to really make a difference at work.

Building high performing teams

When you put a team together to tackle a challenge in your business, you want them to be as effective as possible - as quickly as possible. We focus on performance; removing barriers and building teamwork and great communication. We also show you how to use our 'high performing team framework' as a tool to measure group performance against your business objectives.

Leadership programmes

We design and deliver creative, high impact leadership programmes. Whether it's your senior management team or a high-potential programme for the next generation of leaders in your business, we can help you develop the behaviours and skills you need to achieve business goals.

High impact events & conferences

We have a proven track record of delivering high impact events and conferences. These are creative, flexible, productive sessions where your team can plan how your business will respond to new challenges, or address wider issues in your industry. We can produce the whole event if needed, working with you to plan sessions, suggest speakers and even create branded event collateral.